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Child Custody Attorney

A child custody Johannesburg attorney focusses in areas that relate to issues affecting custody of a minor. This also relates to divorce cases and parallel family issues. The exercise of a child custody attorney is governed by family law. A child custody attorney is an expert with the Children’s Act of South Africa and is trained to practice with the child’s best interests in mind. Despite the primary functions of a child custody attorney being to place a child in the care of a parent that will serve his or her best interests, a child custody attorney also focusses on other elements related to child custody matters. Such elements may include a parenting plan and visitation rights. A child custody attorney also assists in the determination of where a child should be placed should his/her parents be found unfit in terms of the law to hold custody of the minor child. Child custody is a stringent and delicate area of practice and a child Custody attorney acts in the best interest of the child, directly in accordance with the Children’s Act of South Africa and family law.

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